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Field Service & Mobile Workforce

In field service and mobile workforce operations your mobile employees are the face of your business, therefore, maintaining a consistent and professional on-site service is essential. fleXipod ensures that your mobile workforce follows your required procedures and electronic processes help to reduce time needed on-site.

The user configuration of fleXipod, which includes specification of delivery outcomes, full terminology control and a customisable forms module, allows you to shape your fleXipod environment to fit your exact needs no matter which on-site service you provide. Electrical services, vehicle maintenance, waste management, signage installation, on-site asset delivery and service – you can configure the system to capture any field service data you require, without bespoke development or costly software change.

  • Manage multiple skill sets with configurable worker groups
  • Receive high priority alerts from mobile workers for immediate address
  • Design individual process flows and data capture requirements by task
  • Simplify on-site processes with the easy to use mobile application
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Why fleXipod should be your first choice

Easy to use mobile application

Configurable central management console

Quick and simple integration

Customisable forms module

The fleXipod electronic proof of delivery software has been designed to be as flexible as possible. The self-configurable forms module allows flexible data capture to support different on-site tasks. You can use various question types including checkboxes, radio buttons and signature capture to collect the required data and set up workflows dependant on the answers provided by your mobile worker. This advanced data capture functionality can also be used to improve operational procedures with forms such as vehicle checklists and customer satisfaction surveys.

Whether your field service operation encompasses fixed routes or is predominantly ad hoc and emergency visits, visibility of mobile worker location and activity is paramount. fleXipod provides real-time driver location screens and can be configured to provide a dynamic ETA for each job providing your central staff with an accurate view of workforce progress and availability, highlighting any potential issues before they arise.

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"Because all the data is electronic, it saves a great deal of time, minimises user error and significantly reduces our paperwork."

Scott Chapman | IT Manager, Hurst Plastics