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Home Delivery

Consumer expectations of last mile delivery services have increased significantly over recent years and are only set to increase further. Whether you use your own fleet or a 3PL, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction is essential.

The fleXipod proof of delivery software improves the customer experience while reducing the burden on service staff with automated processes such as pre-delivery SMS notification and post-delivery job report emails. The easy to use mobile application ensures consistent, professional on-site service, particularly important if you rely on a third party last mile fulfilment.

  • Provide rapid customer updates with real-time delivery data
  • Improve the customer experience by going paperless
  • Encourage first time delivery success with customer notifications
  • Get real-time visbility of mobile activity with a variety of overview screens
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Why fleXipod should be your first choice

Easy to use mobile application

Configurable central management console

Quick and simple integration

Customisable forms module

Home delivery operations need to be focused on the best possible execution. Receiving real-time POD (proof of delivery) data and progress updates from your delivery staff enables you to provide detailed customer updates and rapidly solve ‘will-fail’ jobs. Having an immediate data stream available from your delivery drivers allows your office-based teams to proactively manage your daily schedules with minimal strain on admin and customer service resources.

In addition, the flexibility of the fleXipod electronic proof of delivery software facilitates the capture of ‘added-value’ service outcomes such as installations, room-of-choice delivery and packaging removal to make premium service offerings easily manageable. The configurability of the system allows you to choose different data capture requirements for specific products and job outcomes such as photo evidence for damaged products and authorisation codes for high value items.

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Having a paper-based system is both labour and time intensive, and from a service perspective it is slow to update our central systems. In contrast, fleXipod is able to give us job data in real-time, so we can quickly and efficiently track the status of orders and ensure we are sticking to our delivery promise.”

Brian McCarthy | Logistics Director, Dreams