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fleXipod Features

The fleXipod mobile proof of delivery software includes an online management console allowing central visibility of mobile activities, a mobile application for simple on-site data capture and a range of integration methods to link seamlessly with your existing systems.

fleXipod is designed to be as flexible as possible with configurable settings, a choice of languages and an innovative forms module to allow business specific data capture. No matter what your industry or operational goals you can configure the fleXipod system to support all of your mobile proof of delivery software needs.

Find out more about the three main components of the fleXipod software here:

Central Management Console

Mobile Application

Integration Methods

fleXipod Features

Data Capture - Capture a range of data from basic signature, photos and notes to fully customisable forms.

Forms – Manage any advanced data capture requirements with the fleXipod forms module by creating your own forms, such as customer service surveys and vehicle checklists.

ETA Tracking – Monitor adherence to customer communicated delivery windows with dynamically recalculated estimated times of arrival and highlight jobs that are running late.

Container and Item Level Data – Allow mobile workers to debrief full containers, such as pallets, speeding up the on-site process, while retaining the ability to debrief individual items to deal with exceptions.

Admin Tools – Manage users, monitor a range of device settings such as battery and signal and set up "manifest groups" – groups of users based upon geography, skill set, contract or task type.

Debrief Codes – Configure a set of business specific job outcomes for your mobile worker to choose from and set out process flows depending on the selected outcome.

Customer Notifications – Keep customers informed with the progress of their delivery with automated communication.

GPS Tracking – Track the daily movement of each of your mobile workers, showing a map view of progress against your expected plan.

Real Time Overview – Gain immediate visibility of progress with colour coded overview screens, advanced search and filter options with drilldown to individual job details.

User Messaging – Send messages to all users, groups or individuals with no additional SMS costs. Message notifications are visible at any point in the application for rapid mobile worker alerting.

Skip Jobs – Give your mobile workers the power to “skip” drops should customer requirements change on-the-fly; the reason for delay is captured and the system prompts a later redelivery attempt.

Exception Alerting – Alert central staff when mobile workers enter a specific answer to a form question, to flag specific exceptions such as missing items or faults on vehicle checklists.

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