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Forms Module

The forms module is one of the most popular features within the fleXipod system. It allows you to tailor the advanced data capture options to manage your mobile workforce irrespective of which industry you operate in. Its flexibility is enabled by a choice of question types, trigger points and content. The forms module is entirely user configurable; after your implementation training you will be able to set up and amend forms to suit your changing business needs without incurring any additional costs for software changes.

Form Trigger Points

Once a form is associated with a trigger point the mobile application will automatically insert the form into the mobile process. The mobile worker is then prompted to complete the form each time that particular trigger point is activated.

  • Log On/ Log Off – When the mobile user logs in to the mobile application or when they press the log off button.
  • Start/ End of Manifest - Before the first job of the day or after the last.
  • Start/ End of Job - At the start or end of every job.
  • Specific Item - When a particular item is delivered or a particular task is undertaken.
  • Debrief Codes – Triggered by specific job outcomes. For example, you may wish to capture photographic evidence if using a ‘job failure - product damaged’ debrief code (job outcome code).
  • Ad Hoc – Available from the main menu of the fleXipod application for user prompted forms such as accident forms or lunch break records.

Form Question Types

There are various question types within the forms module which can all be combined to create an individual form supporting your data capture requirements. You are also able to set conditional progressions to define the sequence of questions. For example, a different question may be presented to your mobile worker if they select "Yes" rather than "No" in answer to Question 1.

  • Radio Buttons and Checkboxes – Decide if a user can only choose one option or multiple options.
  • Date/Time Capture - Displays simple date and time wheels.
  • Photo Capture - Capture 1 additional photo at a time (can be repeated for multiple photographs).
  • Multi-line and Free Text – Specify min/ max length of text input and add prefix/suffix data e.g. km/miles.
  • Decimal - Specify min/ max length of number, number of decimal places and add prefix/suffix data.
  • Signature Capture – Display product details and 'signed by' field.
  • Item Display - Display a list of the de-brief outcomes recorded for each item on the job.
  • Authorisation Code - The system will prompt the driver for an authorisation code. Once the correct code is entered (usually gained from central staff) the mobile user is able to proceed.
  • Label - Informational only - can be used as audited instructions, reminders or notifications. For instance: "Please remove all packaging from the customer premises".

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