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Integration Methods

To help you get the most out of the fleXipod electronic proof of delivery software we provide a range of integration methods to connect with your existing systems. This allows you to use existing data, such as order details and special delivery information.

You can feed data into the fleXipod system in a variety of ways:

  • fleXipodiface application
  • Public API
  • CSV/ Excel spreadsheet upload

We have a number of methods to enable you to integrate your existing data into fleXipod and retrieve detailed delivery data such as signatures, photos, forms and GPS tracking data.

fleXipodiface Application - The fleXipodiface application can be installed on Windows-based systems. It uses three data tables, stored on your database server (Microsoft SQL Server), to push job list data into the fleXipod system and retrieve detailed debrief information including signatures, photos and form answers. fleXipodiface also enables you to automatically assign manifests to specific drivers, reducing the manual administration needed.

Public API – The fleXipod Public API is a web-service that can be used to integrate your systems with fleXipod. We will provide you with the web service URL and set up an account for you to integrate with fleXipod, adding job lists, assigning manifests, retrieving debrief results and completed forms.

CSV/ Excel Spreadsheet Upload – If you simply wish to input data into the fleXipod system, you can import job lists via Excel or CSV file upload. We provide a detailed format to ensure all of your data is transferred into the fleXipod system. This method can also be used to add additional jobs to existing job lists throughout the day, supporting operations with ad hoc job requirements.

Speak to one of our team to find out how easily you could implement fleXipod.

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