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Balancing staff needs with customer requirements using ePOD software

27th September 2017

Category: Blog Articles

Ryanair’s recent headlines have served as a good reminder to all service operations that balancing staff and customer interests is critical to ongoing success and when done incorrectly can lead to disgruntled customers, negative press and a severely dented brand reputation.

For many mobile workforce managers, ensuring that the required customer service is provided without frustrating staff with taxing processes can be challenging. New customer service initiatives and improvements often mean additional procedures for your staff to learn and more data for them to capture.

Choosing the right electronic proof of delivery software (ePOD) can help you ensure new processes are implemented in the least intrusive way and can also make current tasks more efficient. This means your customers will receive a better experience while procedures are simplified for your staff, both in the field and the office.

How to simplify processes for your staff using ePOD

Mobile workers – An electronic proof of delivery app removes all need for delivery paperwork. Instead of having to record descriptions of product damage by hand, drivers can take photographs of the item that will automatically be associated with the specific job. The use of an ePOD app also simplifies tasks by guiding drivers through easy to follow data capture steps that ensure all data is collected consistently.

Office-based staff – With electronic proof of delivery software, field data is transmitted to office-based staff in real-time, meaning they do not need to manually enter any proof of delivery details or contact mobile staff to receive updates. In addition, EPOD software streamlines communication processes, further reducing tedious manual procedures for office-based staff. For example, customer delivery notifications can be automated and user messaging simplifies communication with mobile teams.

How ePOD improves service for your customers

On-site experience – The removal of delivery paperwork with an electronic proof of delivery app creates a quicker, more professional on-site experience and step-by-step procedures ensure that your service levels are provided consistently for every customer. With an ePOD app, your mobile worker also has access to all the necessary details while on-site, including any special instructions provided by the customer, increasing delivery satisfaction and improving customer and staff confidence in your fulfilment operation.

Pre and post-delivery service – With electronic proof of delivery software you can keep your customer informed throughout the delivery process with notifications such as pre and post-delivery SMS messages or emails. Additionally, if a delivery issue arises, the real-time data feed provided by ePOD software means that office-based staff can rectify problems more quickly, sometimes even while the driver is still on-site, helping to reduce customer disputes and increase delivery satisfaction.

For more information on how the fleXipod proof of delivery software can simplify processes for your staff while improving customer service speak to one of our experienced team today.

written by Wayne Holgate