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How proof of delivery software helps you improve customer service without sacrificing operational efficiency

30th July 2018

Category: Blog Articles

Gone are the days when delivery sat on the sidelines, rarely thought of as a component of the customer journey. Now, your delivery service is an integral part of the customer experience and an ideal opportunity to differentiate your brand. A great delivery offering can positively influence the purchasing decision, improve customer retention and help you avoid negative feedback on social media.

Whether you are delivering goods or providing on-site services, your customers are expecting more from your delivery services. Reliable promises, frequent communication, consistent on-site experiences and availability of accurate delivery information are all increasingly important for consumers and B2B customers alike.

This level of service, however, can come at a cost. In an already pressured environment, optimising processes and achieving more with existing resources are high priorities.

Implementing proof of delivery software enables a way for you to satisfy customer demands without driving up operational costs. Instead, ePOD software can help you reduce existing costs and create efficient and sustainable customer service processes.

Our latest whitepaper details how the 5 most common benefits of proof of delivery software can help you improve customer service and optimise operational efficiency in your business.

Download the whitepaper to find out how ePOD software can help you:

  • Differentiate your brand with consistent on-site service and clear customer notifications
  • Automate manual processes and streamline operational communication
  • Remove delivery paperwork and broaden data capture options
  • Enhance real-time visibility for customer service and mobile workforce management
  • Optimise workforce productivity and collect data for continuous improvement

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written by Wayne Holgate