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How replacing delivery paperwork with ePOD software could benefit your entire operation

22nd August 2018

Category: Blog Articles

Are you still using a paper-based delivery system? Giving your drivers paper delivery notes to complete and asking your office-based staff to manually process them?

Removing paper from your delivery processes will improve workforce productivity, optimise operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.

By implementing an advanced ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) solution, consisting of a mobile application for your drivers and a central management portal for your office-based staff, you can achieve a range of benefits across your entire operation whether you are delivering goods or services.

Let’s take a look at how replacing delivery paperwork can benefit everyone involved in your operation:

Enhance the delivery experience for your customers

Replacing delivery paperwork with an ePOD application on a handheld device helps your drivers deliver a quicker, more professional on-site experience to your customers. In addition, by centrally configuring the processes drivers must follow, you can ensure that each customer receives a consistent brand experience, whether they deal with your own employee or a third party driver.

Collecting electronic evidence, such as time and location-stamped photos, also helps reduce the likelihood of errors or customer disputes. If problems do occur, your office-based staff have access to real-time data from the field rather than waiting for paperwork to be returned. This means they can help the driver resolve the issue while he / she is still on-site, or contact the customer directly with all of the necessary details at hand.

Simplify on-site processes for your drivers

For drivers completing large volumes of deliveries each day, possibly in wet or windy weather, keeping track of a whole heap of delivery paperwork can be a frustrating and challenging task. Replacing all of this paperwork with a simple ePOD application on handheld devices, reduces the risk of lost or damaged paperwork and makes on-site processes easier for your drivers.

Instead of completing long, handwritten forms for risk assessments or delivery issues, drivers can quickly take photos and enter electronic details. When issues do arise, they are guided through your preferred processes automatically, meaning they do not need to remember detailed procedures or ring into the office for instructions.

Increase the efficiency of your office-based staff

With ePOD software, every detail that your drivers capture out on the road is transmitted back to the browser-based management portal in real-time. This means your operational staff do not have to wait for drivers to return with delivery paperwork before responding to issues.

Removing manual data entry improves the day-to-day efficiency of your office-based staff and frees them up to focus on higher value or more complex tasks. In addition, the data collected by your drivers can be fed into your other business systems to speed up subsequent processes such as invoicing, stock management or customer service follow up.

Improve reporting processes for management

The lack of data visibility across your organisation with paper-based systems can make identifying trends or strategic improvements within your delivery operation difficult. With advanced ePOD software, all of the electronic data that your drivers collect is automatically displayed in reporting dashboards and can be accessed by your other business systems, allowing you to monitor KPIs and analyse trend data.

Once you have identified an area for improvement, the configurability of advanced systems allows you to deploy changes to your electronic processes with immediate effect. Instead of needing to train all of your drivers and rely on them remembering the changes, the ePOD application will guide them step-by-step through the new process, ensuring consistent data feedback.

Whether your organisation delivers goods or services, replacing paperwork with ePOD software helps you streamline operational processes, simplifying daily tasks for your staff and improving service for your customers. With an user friendly mobile-application and browser-based central management portal, implementing ePOD software is straightforward and can deliver measurable benefits from day one.

For more information on how ePOD software can help your operation, get in touch with one of our experienced team today. Not ready to speak to the team yet? Read more about how Product Care is improving its delivery operation by replacing delivery paperwork with the fleXipod system.

“Our manual system lead to significant delays in receiving detailed job status data from the field. The real-time data provided by fleXipod will enable us to improve service levels, provide better operational visibility and increase efficiency.” Gavin Hamer, Managing Director at Product Care

written by Wayne Holgate